All employees at Boss & Associates are expected to exhibit and embrace the things most important to our founder, Cindy Boss. The foundation to our success boils down to what we call that B&A PRIDE wh

ich embodies our core values….Passion, Relationships, Integrity, Dedication, and Excellence.  These fundamentals are integral to our day to day efforts and are at the heart of believing in who we are, what we do, and why we are the recruiting firm of choice.  It all starts with our own staff, our corporate culture and business philosophies.  Our motto – ‘good enough’ never is. Authenticity begins with our own value system and how we define who we are and how we work.


To have conviction and enthusiasm for what you do and who you do it for. Seize each day with a positive, can-do attitude; demonstrate ambition and purpose; whole-heartedly embrace the B&A way.


To be genuine and professional in our dealings with others, fostering collaboration, establishing and building trust, making a positive and lasting impression. Doing the right things with the right people for the right reasons.


To be true, honorable and ethical in our dealings with others and work in a way that earns trust and credibility. Communicate in a sincere, open and straightforward manner. To put our reputation and client satisfaction first even if it means forfeiting personal gain.


To be 100% committed to personal, team and company success – being responsible and accountable for actions and outcomes – having a plan for success and not making excuses. Demonstrating a work ethic you and others can be proud of. Being dependable, loyal and steadfast in your allegiance to B&A.


Don’t settle; always make every effort to surpass expectations. Outshine our competition, build and enhance the B&A brand in the marketplace. Seek out knowledge and continually learn, work smart and focus on things that maximize results. Be achievement minded and focus on making a positive impact. Take pride in what you do and only do quality work; strive to be highly regarded by clients, candidates, and colleagues.