Our Process

We start by conducting an in-depth consultation with our clients by speaking to key executives who will work with, or be affected by, the successful candidate's performance.  Not only do we garner pertinent information regarding the search at hand, but we gain an understanding of the company, its culture, and business goals.  We take into consideration more than a job description when it comes to identifying who will truly suit not only the hiring manager but the organization as a whole.  This background information provides the framework for us to conduct research and develop a sourcing strategy specific to the job requirements.

We utilize effective, direct and proven recruiting and networking methods to identify the 'best of the best' and have the benefit of an established, proprietary database consisting of top-performers in the industry to quickly identify prospective candidates.  As candidates are identified, we carefully review their suitability and perform a thorough evaluation to assess their experiences, knowledge, track record, and motivations.   Our placement specialists are skillfully trained to identify crucial factors in determining a position fit.  Our recruitment team does not focus on finding just a person, we focus on finding the right person - a top-notch individual who is qualified and hand selected to satisfy our clients' needs.

Boss & Associates only provides competent candidates to be interviewed versus resumes to be reviewed.  We believe our in-depth qualification process nets out quality choices and we are able to streamline the hiring process so your time is only invested on individuals who merit true consideration.  Beyond our thorough front-end assessment, we also sound out references and provide you with feedback on the most promising candidates verifying past performance, capabilities and character.  We view ourselves as an extension of your business.  As a strategic partner in your personnel needs, we are prepared to offer insight and assist you in the entire selection process from defining the position to negotiating the offer.