We have proven expertise in identifying, assessing and providing high-caliber candidates to our clients who are geared for success allowing them to reach and surpass their organizational goals.  We realize the importance of having the 'right' person for a particular role, and the costs and lost productivity an organization suffers by not having the best talent available.  Our focus is to help our clients maximize their effectiveness and success in terms of revenue generation and growth.

Like most search firms, we charge our clients a fee for our professional services.  Our firm works both on a contingency and retained basis.  Recently, we have introduced a hybrid of the two where the client will pay a small engagement fee up front and once the successful candidate is placed, the initial investment is deducted from the fee due.  We will honestly discuss your needs and our capabilities and the potential of working together.  After evaluating your requirements and process, we can define the recruiting relationship that will best suit the organization’s goals and develop a game plan for creating a mutually beneficial partnership with one another.

Boss & Associates provides exceptional service and true value to our clients.  We know industry standard is traditionally twenty-five percent of the placement’s annual salary and we will not be cheaper but we will be better.  All levity aside, we believe there is a fair and equitable amount that both the client company and Boss & Associates can agree to.  Unlike most search firms, we are not here to sell our clients something, we are here to consult and be a trusted advisor they can turn to and depend on. This is why our clients readily enlist our help and feel they receive an outstanding value. 

Boss & Associates takes pride in the thoroughness of our process and the quality of our referrals to you.  We provide a validation period (guarantee) on all placements.  Traditionally, contingency searches have a 30-day validation period, while retained searches provide a 90-day guarantee.